So, what’s the deal with Kickstarter, anyway?

Isn’t this just begging people for money? I hear some folks ask. Well, no. This isn’t GoFundMe or a charity. Kickstarter is a platform for bringing creative projects to life – things like art, music, and BOOKS!

It’s a way for people to directly support the creator and get extra-cool stuff as rewards into the bargain. Here are the projects I’ve been able to create this year, thanks to supporters on Kickstarter:

MARCH – Into the Darkwood hardcover omnibus. Kickstarter backers got this 700 page hardcover months in advance of retailer release, plus a free digital short story, plus a collection of fairytale retellings (Mermaid Song), plus I donated a percentage of the proceeds to Ukraine, plus my husband and I recorded a special fiddle & guitar performance video just for Kickstarter supporters.

JUNE – The Perfect Perfume & Other Tales short story collection paperback. Kickstarter backers got the book months in advance of retailer release, plus all supporters got their names included on Thank-you pages in the back of the book, plus an exclusive digital collection of short stories, plus a bonus expanded story from the book, plus Steampunk-themed coloring pages.

All the rewards were included with the price of the book. Think of supporting a Kickstarter as preordering a book, putting extra money in the author’s pocket, AND getting extra goodies. Everybody wins!

So what am I up to now, you ask? This project!

AI DREAMING: Palindromes – Illustrated with Midjourney AI

How does an art-generating AI interpret silly human wordplay? A book of whimsical, odd & lovely images inspired by classic palindromes. Whether you’re interested in digital art, the new wave of AI text-to-image illustration, or just love nerdy word stuff, you’ll love this book.

The perks of supporting on Kickstarter are many!

You’ll get the premium edition with glossy images and nice thick pages – which will unfortunately be a step lower in quality once the book gets distributed to retailers, due to having to use a different printer. You’ll get exclusive wallpaper art for your phone and computer. And now that the first Stretch Reward has been unlocked, you’ll get ten awesome images that didn’t make it into the book, that no one else will ever see.

And if you think this would make an awesome gift? Your copies will be mailed out by the end of October, in plenty of time for the holidays!

Please check this project out and support it if it looks interesting to you. It will only be live until Wednesday, September 29th, and then your opportunity is gone forever. I’d love to see you on the Kickstarter platform, and I really appreciate your support!

About Anthea Sharp

USA Today bestselling author of romance and fantasy
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