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Ready for this Fantasy Book of the Month Club?

JOIN THE CLUB! Subscribe to BOMYA, Book of the Month YA Fantasy Edition, to receive a free ebook every month by one of your favorite YA fantasy authors. It’s totally FREE!

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Holiday Sale! Just .99c until Dec. 31st~

The Complete Fantasy Trilogy Ebook! Prophecy demands she marry a Dark Elf prince, but Mara Geary refuses to meekly accept her fate. Danger, adventure, and romance await in the magical forest of the Darkwood, where an intrepid heroine and a … Continue reading

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AI DREAMING: Palindromes

What do you get when you offer a Generative AI art engine some classic palindromes? Images that run the gamut from wildly imaginative, to weird and unsettling, to remarkably amusing! Discover the range of possibilities in this art book of … Continue reading

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10th Anniversary Feyland hardcovers!

Ten years!! How did that even happen? To celebrate this mighty milestone, I’m creating gorgeous special hardcovers with custom artwork and under-jacket designs. These will all be available at the retailers by the end of the year, but if you … Continue reading

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So, what’s the deal with Kickstarter, anyway?

Isn’t this just begging people for money? I hear some folks ask. Well, no. This isn’t GoFundMe or a charity. Kickstarter is a platform for bringing creative projects to life – things like art, music, and BOOKS! It’s a way … Continue reading

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The Darkwood Trilogy omnibus – now out!

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Get signed books!

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Hardcover edition releases June 21!

INTO THE DARKWOOD trilogy omnibus contains the novels ELHAME, HAWTHORNE, and RAINE, plus gorgeous illustrated chapter headings and special graphics. A complete epic fantasy trilogy of over 700 pages brimming with intrigue, royalty, and fairytale enchantment. Danger, adventure, and romance … Continue reading

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Ready for some Twisted Tales?

Fairytales are near and dear to my heart – but TWISTED tales are even better! As a reader, I love it when authors take the old and familiar and fold it into strange new shapes, flipping the roles of hero … Continue reading

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The Perfect Perfume print collection ~

Help bring a print edition of The Perfect Perfume & Other Tales to life, via Kickstarter! Yes – I’ve done it again! Another Kickstarter in the works, this time for a gorgeous paperback of this Steampunk short story collection Escape … Continue reading

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