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Holiday Sale! Just .99c until Dec. 31st~

The Complete Fantasy Trilogy Ebook!

Prophecy demands she marry a Dark Elf prince, but Mara Geary refuses to meekly accept her fate.

Danger, adventure, and romance await in the magical forest of the Darkwood, where an intrepid heroine and a warrior prince must learn to trust one another before their kingdom is devoured by an ancient enemy…

A complete epic fantasy trilogy brimming with intrigue, royalty, and fairytale enchantment from USA Today bestselling author Anthea Sharp. Includes: ELFHAME, HAWTHORNE, and RAINE

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AI DREAMING: Palindromes

What do you get when you offer a Generative AI art engine some classic palindromes?

Images that run the gamut from wildly imaginative, to weird and unsettling, to remarkably amusing! Discover the range of possibilities in this art book of humanity’s quirky wordplay viewed through the lens of Midjourney AI’s graphical engine.

Containing over 140 illustrations of 45 different palindromes, with commentary and a thoughtful essay on the process, AI DREAMING: Palindromes provides a snapshot in time: the moment where we stand at the forefront of a powerful new technology that will change how everyone-from trained artists and visionary futurists to everyday people-interacts with computer-generated images.

Available in high quality paperback and hardback editions – a great gift for word-nerds and art enthusiasts.

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10th Anniversary Feyland hardcovers!

Ten years!! How did that even happen? To celebrate this mighty milestone, I’m creating gorgeous special hardcovers with custom artwork and under-jacket designs. These will all be available at the retailers by the end of the year, but if you want the following extras, you’d best head to Kickstarter by OCTOBER 25th, when the special offer ends!

  • Signed, personalized, numbered limited editions, shipped worldwide~
  • Extra swag and bonuses~
  • Shipped out to you in November~

When you back this project on Kickstarter, you not only get to join this fun special event, you’ll receive extras that just aren’t available when you buy on the retailers. (It’s also really great when you buy books via a more direct sales platform, like Kickstarter. Instead of the middleman taking up to 75% of the proceeds, you know that you’re helping directly support the authors you love). Check out some of the extras below!

Stunning new covers by Mulan Jiang, with special under-dustjacket case designs.
Custom artwork and chapter headers.
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So, what’s the deal with Kickstarter, anyway?

Isn’t this just begging people for money? I hear some folks ask. Well, no. This isn’t GoFundMe or a charity. Kickstarter is a platform for bringing creative projects to life – things like art, music, and BOOKS!

It’s a way for people to directly support the creator and get extra-cool stuff as rewards into the bargain. Here are the projects I’ve been able to create this year, thanks to supporters on Kickstarter:

MARCH – Into the Darkwood hardcover omnibus. Kickstarter backers got this 700 page hardcover months in advance of retailer release, plus a free digital short story, plus a collection of fairytale retellings (Mermaid Song), plus I donated a percentage of the proceeds to Ukraine, plus my husband and I recorded a special fiddle & guitar performance video just for Kickstarter supporters.

JUNE – The Perfect Perfume & Other Tales short story collection paperback. Kickstarter backers got the book months in advance of retailer release, plus all supporters got their names included on Thank-you pages in the back of the book, plus an exclusive digital collection of short stories, plus a bonus expanded story from the book, plus Steampunk-themed coloring pages.

All the rewards were included with the price of the book. Think of supporting a Kickstarter as preordering a book, putting extra money in the author’s pocket, AND getting extra goodies. Everybody wins!

So what am I up to now, you ask? This project!

AI DREAMING: Palindromes – Illustrated with Midjourney AI

How does an art-generating AI interpret silly human wordplay? A book of whimsical, odd & lovely images inspired by classic palindromes. Whether you’re interested in digital art, the new wave of AI text-to-image illustration, or just love nerdy word stuff, you’ll love this book.

The perks of supporting on Kickstarter are many!

You’ll get the premium edition with glossy images and nice thick pages – which will unfortunately be a step lower in quality once the book gets distributed to retailers, due to having to use a different printer. You’ll get exclusive wallpaper art for your phone and computer. And now that the first Stretch Reward has been unlocked, you’ll get ten awesome images that didn’t make it into the book, that no one else will ever see.

And if you think this would make an awesome gift? Your copies will be mailed out by the end of October, in plenty of time for the holidays!

Please check this project out and support it if it looks interesting to you. It will only be live until Wednesday, September 29th, and then your opportunity is gone forever. I’d love to see you on the Kickstarter platform, and I really appreciate your support!

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The Darkwood Trilogy omnibus – now out!

Available in audio and ebook at all retailers. (Not print, alas, as it would be a massive 1200 page doorstopper…)

Two sisters. One enchanted forest. And a reckless choice that could destroy kingdoms …

Taken away from her ordinary life, Rose Valrois finds herself in a world full of secrets and forbidden magic. There she meets her new stepsister, the enigmatic Princess Neeve, who will either become her best friend … or her worst enemy.

In the shadows of the magical Darkwood, Rose discovers danger and adventure in her quest for answers about the mysteries surrounding her. When she’s rescued by Thorne, the Dark Elf guardian of the forest, he binds her to the Darkwood and forbids her to speak of its secrets.

But secrets have a way of getting loose, especially when there’s hidden magic involved, and Rose falls deeper into the thorny tangles of her own past. Her sister, Neeve, is concealing dangerous powers of her own, and the two of them are soon entangled in a destiny that will bring them face-to-face on opposite sides of a deadly magical war.

Ultimately, Rose must risk her freedom, her world, and even her truest love to save her sister. Can she bear to make that sacrifice? Does she even have the choice?

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Get signed books!

For a limited time, I’m taking orders for autographed, personalized copies of my books!

Orders will take 4-6 weeks to fulfill, depending on the number of titles. Stock up now !

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Hardcover edition releases June 21!

INTO THE DARKWOOD trilogy omnibus contains the novels ELHAME, HAWTHORNE, and RAINE, plus gorgeous illustrated chapter headings and special graphics.

A complete epic fantasy trilogy of over 700 pages brimming with intrigue, royalty, and fairytale enchantment.

Danger, adventure, and romance await in the magical forest of the Darkwood, where an intrepid heroine and a warrior prince must learn to trust one another before their kingdom is devoured by an ancient enemy. A tapestry of enchantment, weaving parts of Beauty & the Beast and Cinderella with Dark Elves, prophecy, and characters you can cheer for!

Five-star reviews from Amazon customers:

The magic, the Faery world-building, the characters- I love it all. I truly appreciate how the ending was not rushed in any way, either. And I was hooked by the plot until the very end. This trilogy will definitely rank among the very favorites in my collection!!”

“The entire series is well worth reading!”

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Ready for some Twisted Tales?

Fairytales are near and dear to my heart – but TWISTED tales are even better! As a reader, I love it when authors take the old and familiar and fold it into strange new shapes, flipping the roles of hero and villain, adding unexpected romance, and blending together strands of different classic stories to make something altogether new and enthralling. So when I had the opportunity to curate a StoryBundle collection of fairytale twists, I leaped on it like a starving grandma on a poor innocent wolf…

This pay-what-you-want collection of eleven ebooks is available for only a limited time. Check it out at

Eleven fabulous fairytale twists, where villains become heroes and secrets run deep…
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The Perfect Perfume print collection ~

Help bring a print edition of The Perfect Perfume & Other Tales to life, via Kickstarter!

Yes – I’ve done it again! Another Kickstarter in the works, this time for a gorgeous paperback of this Steampunk short story collection

Escape the everyday with this collection of nine fabulous steampunk tales, perfect for fans of enthralling alternate-history adventure. 

Whether you’re new to the genre, or a longtime fan of HG Wells or the Parasol Protectorate series, prepare for a journey beyond the ordinary, where the 19th century is utterly reimagined – yet the timeless nature of the human heart remains unchanged.

Includes: alchemical creations, intrepid heroines, thrilling airship adventures, ghostly clockwork, mysterious devices, and more!  

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