Escape into RAINE~

51h-9niuwbl._sy346_Now available at AMAZON! Book 3 in the Darkwood Chronicles series, filled with adventure, magic, and romance, with a solid helping of fairytales on the side~

A Dark Elf princess embarks on a perilous adventure to save her world…

In the shadowed land of Elfhame the Hawthorne Throne is in grave peril, and the heir, Prince Brannon Luthinor, is nowhere to be found. He and his human wife have crossed between the worlds in pursuit of the Dark Elves’ ancient enemy. Only one person has the courage to follow: his sister Anneth.

But the mortal world is far more complex than Anneth expected. Desperate to find her brother and his wife, she instead stumbles into danger of her own. Her only hope of protecting those she loves is to give herself up to the enemy, and risk sacrificing everything for the sake of a mortal prince.

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Feyland in Audio!

Dark Realm audio cover


Narrated by the fabulous actress Amy Landon, the Feyland series is currently in audio production from Aethon Books – and THE DARK REALM releases in audiobook today! Plus, if you already own the ebook copy of The Dark Realm, you can buy the audio version on Amazon for just $7.49 – so grab your copy now and get ready for a fabulous escape from reality…



The adventure continues with THE BRIGHT COURT! Plus, praise for fabulous narrator Amy Landon:

Super fun – I’ve found a new narrator through this series. Absolutely picking up more of her stuff. Dont’ get me wrong, the author is great too… but the narrator makes this thing what it is.” – Willis Burns on Audible




The third book is now out! Grab your copy of THE TWILIGHT KINGDOM!

More faerie magic, thrilling gaming, and the introduction of the beta-team as the adventures in Feyland continue!

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Swim away with Mermaidia~

Mermaidia picLove mermaids and all creatures aquatic? This limited-time anthology is just for you! With more than 1500 pages of captivating fiction, you’ll be enchanted by sirens, dive the depths with a mermaid, and fear whether the sea witch is friend or foe.
Includes my award-winning novella The Sea King’s Daughter.

Available on AMAZON! Just .99 cents through 3/8…

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Steampunk ahoy!

There’s a fabulous new Storybundle out for a limited time, curated by Kevin J. Anderson. It features a baker’s dozen titles of gears and zeppelins, mechanical dragons, lost cities, frock coats, and tea, the best books from indie authors, all for whatever price you choose to pay. Check it out at! Includes a special expanded edition of my short story collection The Perfect Perfume – plus 5 extra bonus tales (drawn from some of my other Steampunk collections). Only available for a limited time – check it today~

Storybundle KJA Steampunk

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Fantastic February Deals~

I thought I’d celebrate February with some special sales. So grab these books, settle down, and enjoy!

faerie_full FREE! The Faerie Girl , Feb. 14-23

amazon 51

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feyland_promo (1) .99 cents! Tales of Feyland & Faerie, Feb. 14-23

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Once Star final cover .99 cents! Once Upon A Star, Feb 15-23

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stars-and-steam .99 cents! Stars & Steam, through February 29~

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51jty058vul.99 cents! Chronicle Worlds: Feyland, until publisher raises the price~


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Star Compass blasts off!

Star Compass done

It’s here! Grab your copy of Star Compass – available in print, ebook, and audio – the first full-length novel set in the world of Victoria Eternal. Star Compass mixes Steampunk and Space Opera, where Victorian sensibilities meet high-tech space travel, and the British Galactic Empire spans the stars. Preorder your copy today!

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amazon 51

Diana Smythe was a child of the nobility… once. Now the streetrat known as Diver, she spends her days picking pockets, and her nights gazing at the galaxy overhead, dreaming of the day she’ll escape Earth for a brighter future among the stars.

Derek Byrne polices the grimy streets around the Southampton Spaceport, trying to keep the gangs in line and the gutters clear of riffraff. When his path crosses Diana’s, he sees beyond her masculine disguise and catches a glimpse of the remarkable young lady hiding beneath the rags and bravado.

But Derek has his own dark secrets, and when Diana averts a near-disaster at the Spaceport, fate flings them along a trajectory that will lead them to adventure, romance – and peril beyond their wildest imaginings.

Perfect for fans of Firefly, Gail Carriger, Naomi Novik, and Lois McMaster Bujold!

PRINT available from B&N  and AMAZON


“A fine and engaging rendering of Steampunk tropes…The mix of old-fashioned slum-level criminality and futuristic space technology works well, and Diana is very appealing as she takes her remarkable journey from up, to down, to up again, despite the struggles she faces staying on top. Sharp offers crisp, lucid, straightforward writing that keeps the reader turning pages.” – Publisher’s Weekly, via PW BookLife

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Hawthorne is here!

Bran and Mara’s adventures in Elfhame continue!  Now available at Amazon:

amazon 51



In the shadowed land of the Dark Elves, a hero must risk losing everything…

Prince Brannilon Luthinor and his mortal bride, Mara Geary, have returned to the Hawthorne Court, but despite winning the war against the Void, their own personal struggles are just beginning. Shards of the Void remain in the realm, and Bran must hunt them down, leaving Mara to face the poisonous intrigues of the court alone. She soon discovers that the fate of Elfhame is far more precarious than she first believed. While she grapples with mastering her own magic, and the depth of her feelings for her enigmatic husband, Bran chases down the enemy – but his foe has grown more cunning than he ever imagined.

As treacherous schemes and dire enemies close in around the couple, they must learn to trust the power of their magic and their hearts… before both their worlds are lost forever.

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