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 ~USA Today bestselling, award-winning author of YA Urban Fantasy ~

Anthea002 (1)Growing up on fairy tales and computer games, Anthea Sharp has melded the two in her award-winning Feyland series. She now makes her home in the Pacific Northwest, where she writes, hangs out in virtual worlds, plays the fiddle with her Celtic band Fiddlehead, and spends time with her small-but-good family.

Anthea has been ranked in the Top 100 Fantasy/SF authors at Amazon since October 2013. She has over 6k fans at Wattpad, and is closing in on a million reads of her books on that platform. Her novels have won or placed in the PRISM, the Maggie, the National Reader’s Choice Award, the Write Touch Reader’s Award, the Heart of Excellence, The National Excellence in Romance Fiction, The Judge a Book by its Cover, and the Book Buyer’s Best contests.

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Q: Where does the inspiration for your fantasy series Feyland and Feyguard come from?

A: The books come from a blending of different worlds – my love of fantasy and playing computer games. The two mixed around in my head, and I came up with the question that kicked the whole trilogy off: What if a high-tech computer game was a gateway to the Realm of Faerie? Add in the inspiration from old ballads, and the series was born.

Q: Feyland revolves heavily around the vivid world of mmo gaming. Are you a gamer?

A: I’ve been playing World of Warcraft for a few years now—that’s really my game of choice. I can beat the pants off of most people in Boggle, and I play Just Dance with my daughter. First Person shooters spike my adrenaline too much, and I always go off the track in Kart racing, so I tend to stick more with the fantasy-based MMOs.

Q: How do you give individual characters their own “voice.”?

A: By making sure I know who they are, and writing them form that core of individuality. I also have certain characters use slang or turns of phrase that others do not.

Q: Do you wait until you have an idea, or do you sit down and write every day no matter what?

A: I have a daily word count I try to hit. And I have so many stories clamoring around in my head, I don’t think I’ll ever get to them all.

Q: Have you always wanted to be a writer?

A: Yes! I wrote stories as a kid, and started writing a few novels as a teen, but never could get past the beginning, so I put that dream away and did other things for a while, including playing traditional Irish fiddle music – though I maybe have two drops of Irish blood in me.

Q: Any advice for aspiring writers?

A: Just write. Don’t worry about making your first draft ‘perfect’ – just finish the story. Then you can go back and work on it. It’s important to let the creative voice flow without that pesky internal editor getting in the way, and the more you write, the easier it gets. Mostly.


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The Series

Anthea has been described as “a master storyteller” (The Crooked Word) as she artfully blends the two seemingly dissimilar worlds of modern gaming and ancient fairy lore in her riveting series Feyland and Feyguard. This fresh take on urban fantasy provides a world that boys and girls alike flock to, and her series has hit the USA Today’s Best Selling Books List. Her series is gripping “unique, enthralling, [and] keeps you at the edge of your seats at all times” (The Romance Bookie). Her inspiration for this exciting and genre-defying new series? “Since I’m a computer gamer as well as a longtime reader of fantasy, the two worlds began to mix around in my head. What if…there was a game that was actually a portal to the Realm of Faery?” The thrust of the plot is “inspired by the ancient Ballad of Tam Lin” which is a tale of an “earthly knight,” Tam Linn, who is rescued by his true love from the Queen of Faeries (Anthea Sharp).



Feyland: The First Adventure – Prequel Novella

Feyland: The Dark Realm – Book 1
Feyland: The Bright Court – Book 2
Feyland: The Twilight Kingdom – Book 3
How to Babysit a Changeling – novella

Trinket: A Feyland Tale (Short story) 

Spark – Book 1

Royal – Book 2
Marny – Book 3

2 Responses to Media Kit

  1. Beatrice says:

    Will be available your audiobooks on audible?
    I have bought “Feyland, the dark realm” and I would love to listen to the audiobook!

    • Anthea Sharp says:

      Hello Beatrice,

      I’d love to get my Feyland series into audio, but am probably a year away from that happening. When it does, I will announce it everywhere, though. Thanks so much for asking! 🙂

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