Feyland: Books 1-3


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USA Today bestselling YA Urban Fantasy – The first three books in one epic digital bundle ~ Ready Player One with Faeries!

Faeries. Computer games. A boy from the wrong side of the tracks, and the girl he’s afraid to love…

Love litRPG, fairy tales, adventure, gaming, and a touch of romance? Dive into over 1k pages of fast-paced urban fantasy with this specially priced bundle of the first three books in the Feyland series!

amazon 51nook buttonibooks buttongoogleplay51

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 “This is a great series that deserves more attention. The books are quick and exciting reads, and if you like stories based on fairy tales, or if you enjoyed both the portrayal of the fae in Mercy Thompson and October Daye and the virtual world of Ready Player One, you will love this series.” – Kate, Epic Chocolate Fantasy

“Ms. Sharp is a master storyteller… The Feyland books have found a prized place on my all-time favorite books list.” – Rebecca McKinnon, The Crooked Word   

6 Responses to Feyland: Books 1-3

  1. thingsthatithinkarecooltonotedown says:

    I am well and truly hooked on Feyland. With reason. Perhaps coming across The First Adventure was Fate.

  2. Kat says:

    I just read the 1st book of Feyland in the Seven Against The Dark Seven Urban Fantasy and Paranormal Romance Starters

    OMG I could not put it down till I had read it all, I think I’m hooked on the series.

    Ms Sharp is a great writer the story just flows as you read it I will be looking for more Feyland and other books written by her.
    Also I went to leave a review on Amazon and it would not let me leave it their
    Curtsys to M’ Lady and wishers her a great evening

    • Anthea Sharp says:

      Hi Kat – wow, so glad to hear you enjoyed it! And yes, Amazon is being a butt about reader reviews lately. Thanks for the kind words, though! Have you tried Goodreads? I think sometimes you can post there and then show it on Amazon? 🙂

  3. Neil Carnell says:

    Couldn’t download books as no longer available through apple, boo to apple. Was looking forward to reading them, will have to search elsewhere. Thanks for the book I read it was great. Stay safe all with covid

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