Enter the magical world of Elfhame~

Elfhame-PlayAre you ready for a new world full of Dark Elves, magic, adventure, and romance? Ebook out now at all retailers! (print coming soon)

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ELFHAME – A richly-imagined fantasy romance uniting an adventurous young woman and a fearsome Dark Elf warrior, in a magical tale reminiscent of Beauty and the Beast. Suitable for readers 12 and up. No explicit content.

Deep in the Darkwood, a mystic portal awaits…

Mara Geary faces a bleak future in the village of Little Hazel until, on the eve of her seventeenth birthday, strange glowing lights beckon her into the mysterious shadows under the trees. She follows, hoping for adventure. What she finds is her destiny…

Prince of the Hawthorne Court, Brannon Luthinor has spent his life becoming a powerful warrior in order to save his people. Now, on the eve of war, his fate is rapidly approaching.

Centuries ago, the Dark Elves retreated to their homeland of Elfhame, sealing the portal between their lands and the human world. But when their realm is threatened, prophecy demands that the doorway be opened, and that Bran marry whatever mortal woman manages to find the hidden key and unlock the door.

Thrown together, Bran and Mara forge an unlikely alliance. But in the face of evil, will they be able to trust their lives – and their hearts – to one another?

About Anthea Sharp

USA Today bestselling author of romance and fantasy
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6 Responses to Enter the magical world of Elfhame~

  1. TomasinaCatanari says:

    Will there be more?

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  3. Kristina Kamstra says:

    I just finished this last night, and I have to say I’m so stoked to hear that Mara’s and Bran’s story will continue!!! I want to learn so much more about their relationship and the world around them! Thank you for writing such a wonderful story and for continuing it!

    • Anthea Sharp says:

      Hi Kristina! I’m so glad you enjoyed Elfhame! Life got super busy this summer, but I’m hoping to have Hawthorne out late this fall. I’m enjoying being back in that world, too~

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