New Releases!

Run away into worlds of fantasy with these two new collections of faerie tales retold!

MERMAID SONG ~ 2.99 ebook, $12.99 paperback

Five delightful fairytale retellings from USA Today bestselling author Anthea Sharp. Featuring magical cats, romance, and a touch of wistful faerie enchantment, escape the everyday with these entertaining new twists on old tales. Includes:

Mistress Bootsi

A girl sets out to seek her fortune – and luckily, she has a clever cat for a companion, in this Puss in Boots retelling.

The Sea King’s Daughter

The Little Mermaid, reimagined in an ancient Celtic setting full of wild and bittersweet magic.

Faerie Song

A magical retelling of the Pied Piper, with a dark faerie twist.

Escape: A Liza Roth Adventure 

A princess on the run and her feline companion find adventure and danger on Starhub Station in this story based on the Icelandic fairy tale Kisa the Cat.


A Victorian Cinderella retelling complete with an absent-minded Godmother, an orange carriage, and a slipper mishap. Prepare to be swept away into this (nonmagical) fairytale romance written under the pen name Anthea Lawson.

ONCE UPON A WISH ~ Brand new release!

Dreaming of a magical world? Your wish is our command! These sixteen fairytale retellings from bestselling authors will sweep you away into enchanted lands where wishes have the power to change lives. With wistful twists on Cinderella, Snow White, Sleeping Beauty, and more, you’ll be enthralled by these all-new tales. Just be careful what you wish for…


The Dust Wish – Alethea Kontis

A prince attempting to win the hand of a princess is helped by an enthusiastic boy, a snarky maid, and a wish-granting dust bunny. 

Ashes to Ashes – Phaedra Weldon

Bounty Hunter Cynder’s latest job is to hunt down a Djinn who refuses to fulfill his third wish. Not quite believing in such things as Wish Givers (especially Fairy Godmothers), Cynder’s world capsizes when she discovers what that third wish is all about. 

Wallina – Nikki Jefford

A beautiful orphan is adopted then imprisoned by marriage-minded trolls, sorcerers, and faeries in this magical adventure.

Wicked Winds – Kasey Mackenzie

Dorrie Gale’s been a ball of anxiety since her mother was ripped away from her arms by a Kansas twister, never to be seen again. When wicked winds return over a decade later only to sweep her away, Dorrie’s forced to believe that her mother’s storybook tales are actually true.

The Fairest Shop of Them All – Shawntelle Madison

A tyrannical duchess makes a dark wish, for her to have the fairest hat shop of them all, but an orphan shopkeeper with mystical goods stands in her way. 

Immortal Wish – Colleen Gleason

Lyla Harris lives at the bottom of the Sea in the city of Atlantis…but she knows there’s something else up there. When she makes a wish to learn more, a whole new world opens up for her.

Unseen – Christine Pope

After the end of the world, an invisible benefactor comes to Janna Sayers’ aid. But will her curiosity about her mysterious guardian be her undoing?

First Snow – Alexia Purdy

In the dead of winter, Jonna is saved from the cold by an unlikely ally. She’s determined to rescue her family from the clutches of an ancient witch who rules the desolate frost lands and turns trespassers into statues of ice.

The Dreamer’s Curse – Rachel Morgan

When a wish bargain with the Godmother goes wrong, Cress winds up cursed to an eternal slumber. But a potion that gives her the ability to travel through dreams may be the key to her escape.

The Lady of the Lake – Julia Crane

What would an otherworldly creature want more than anything? To be mortal, of course. The Lady of the Lake might have bitten off more than she could chew. 

The Wishing Thorn – Jamie Ferguson

Leah never believed in her Irish grandmother’s stories about trees granting wishes, but after having her life turned upside-down, she decided to see if the stories were real after all. She chose to make her wish of a blackthorn: the tree of warfare and ill omens, and the keeper of dark secrets…

Woven from Pure Starlight – Jenna Elizabeth Johnson

Caitlin’s glamour-infused hair has kept her from living a life of her own since the death of her mother.  When a stranger arrives in the magical forest near her home, Caitlin gets a chance at friendship, love, and the most important thing of all: freedom.

Last Wish – C. Gockel

Once upon a time there was no death. Spirits walked among humans, and giant game sustained them. But as the world changed, something worse than death came to the world. 

Heart of the Forest – Anthea Sharp

Pursuing an enchanted creature into a magical forest, a prince discovers that his heart’s desire isn’t what he thought…

Pin Oak’s Wish – Kay McSpadden

Pin Oaks knows her Grandmother Blue can grant wishes, but she’s never needed one until now. It’s 1952, and the young mountain healer wants her grandmother to help her become a real city woman—and to find her true love before he ships out for Korea.

Wish Upon a Straw – Devon Monk

One magical gold spinner, one kingdom full of dragons…

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USA Today bestselling author of romance and fantasy
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