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Star Compass done

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I’m delighted to announce that Star Compass – available in print, ebook, and audio – is in the Self Publishing Blog Off this year, along with, oh, 299 other awesome books. Head over to Mark Lawrence’s website to check them out! Plus, narrator Danielle Cohen gets well-deserved praise in this review from AudioFile for her audiobook narration: “Danielle Cohen delivers a warm and engaging performance of a Victorian romance that reaches for the steampunk stars…a solid narration that gently matches the pitch and swell of a well-told romance.”

The first full-length novel set in the world of Victoria Eternal, Star Compass mixes Steampunk and Space Opera, where Victorian sensibilities meet high-tech space travel, and the British Galactic Empire spans the stars. Grab your copy today!

Diana Smythe was a child of the nobility… once. Now the streetrat known as Diver, she spends her days picking pockets, and her nights gazing at the galaxy overhead, dreaming of the day she’ll escape Earth for a brighter future among the stars.

Derek Byrne polices the grimy streets around the Southampton Spaceport, trying to keep the gangs in line and the gutters clear of riffraff. When his path crosses Diana’s, he sees beyond her masculine disguise and catches a glimpse of the remarkable young lady hiding beneath the rags and bravado.

But Derek has his own dark secrets, and when Diana averts a near-disaster at the Spaceport, fate flings them along a trajectory that will lead them to adventure, romance – and peril beyond their wildest imaginings.

Perfect for fans of Firefly, Gail Carriger, Naomi Novik, and Lois McMaster Bujold!

PRINT available from B&N  and AMAZON


“A fine and engaging rendering of Steampunk tropes…The mix of old-fashioned slum-level criminality and futuristic space technology works well, and Diana is very appealing as she takes her remarkable journey from up, to down, to up again, despite the struggles she faces staying on top. Sharp offers crisp, lucid, straightforward writing that keeps the reader turning pages.” – Publisher’s Weekly, via PW BookLife


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