Come See Me At Rustycon!


Rustycon is an annual science fiction and fantasy convention, held locally in the greater Seattle Area, with approximately 500 – 700 people in attendance. We have multi–track programming, a dealer’s room, an art show, and a hospitality room for the general membership. As a focal point for Northwest Science Fiction/Fantasy fandom, we try to provide something of interest for everyone.

I am delighted to announce I will be a panelist at Rustycon 34 coming up January 14 and 15 in Seattle. See you there!

Sat Jan 14 11:00:am Sat Jan 14 12:00:pm Playing with Pacing
Washington C Remember that book you couldn’t put down, or that novel you had to slog your way through? We’ll discuss how to pick up the pace or slow it down. Our panelists will reveal their own tips and tricks for drawing in their readers and keeping them.
Anthea Sharp G.R. Theron Raven Oak Tom D Wright
Sat Jan 14 4:00:pm Sat Jan 14 5:00:pm The Parent Writer
Seattle 1 The joys and hazards of being a parent while trying to be a professional in the field and possibly holding down a full time job. How it can be done.
Anthea Sharp David Boop Kate Ristau M.S. Chavez
Sat Jan 14 7:00:pm Sat Jan 14 8:00:pm Self Marketing for Artists and Writers
Evergreen I Some basics can be applied to any self-marketing. What has worked in the past for our panelists, what have they tried that was a total bomb?
Anthea Sharp Elizabeth Guizzetti Michael Suiter Rob Carlos
Sun Jan 15 10:00:am Sun Jan 15 11:00:am Writing Short
Washington C Flash fiction to novellas, we’ll take a look at the art of writing a well-crafted short story, discuss plot structures and arcs, and talk about why writing short fiction is a fabulous idea in today’s publishing climate.
Anthea Sharp David Boop M.S. Chavez Rebecca Birch
Sun Jan 15 11:00:am Sun Jan 15 11:30:am Reading Anthea Sharp
Tacoma Anthea Sharp reads from her published works
Anthea Sharp
Sun Jan 15 1:00:pm Sun Jan 15 2:00:pm Literary Markets for Short Genre Fiction
Washington C What are some non-traditional markets for genre fiction? Let’s discuss the wider dissemination of genre fiction on the contemporary and literary fields, including the influence of comic books and gaming.
Anthea Sharp David Boop

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USA Today bestselling author of romance and fantasy
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