Cascade Writers Workshop

Cascade Writers

Come to this premier event, held July 28-31 in Tacoma, Washington. I’ll be presenting several workshops, and there are still a few open slots for attendees. More information at

Find me here!

On Friday

2pm Author Collaborations – Oak room (With Anthea Sharp, Spencer Ellsworth, and John Pitts)

7pm Resources for Authors – Cedar room (With Anthea Sharp, Rhiannon Held, and Randy Henderson)

And on Saturday

2pm Self Publishing – Oak room (With Anthea Sharp, Tod McCoy, and Matt Youngmark)

3pm Craft of the Short Story – Conference room (With Anthea Sharp, Rhiannon Held, and Manny Frishberg)

7pm Writing YA, Urban Fantasy and More – Conference (With Anthea Sharp and Manny Frishberg)

About Anthea Sharp

USA Today bestselling author of romance and fantasy
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