The Fantasy in the City Bundle

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Limited time collection of twenty urban fantasy short stories. Set your price, donate to charity, dive into worlds of magic! Find more at BundleRabbit!

What if magic were right in front of you every day, but hidden from your sight? For all you know, it is. Maybe the reason you love the tasty creations from the nearby chocolate shop is that one of the ingredients is magic. Perhaps some of the dreadlocks of the beautiful young girl you saw at the grocery store are snakes, not hair. The woman you just passed on the street appeared to be on her cell phone, but she might really be speaking with a ghost. How do you know for sure? Witches. Ghosts. Faeries. Monsters. Magic… Enter twenty different worlds, each with a different flavor of magic. This bundle contains 20 urban fantasy stories about hidden magic in everyday life.

Ends July 16th!


About Anthea Sharp

USA Today bestselling author of romance and fantasy
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