What does “eligible for the Campbell award” mean?

Hey, all! I got the exciting news recently that I’m eligible for the John. W. Campbell Award for new writers in Science Fiction and Fantasy. But, you say, I’ve been publishing both SF and Urban Fantasy for years? True – but as an indie author, none of that counted toward this award’s eligibility. What does count is selling fiction to an established SFF market for a certain sum, which I did in 2015, first to the Timberland Writes Together anthology, and then the story that appeared in December in the DAW books Crucible anthology.

Being eligible is pretty exciting, but it doesn’t mean I’ll even be nominated for the award, and that’s fine. However, if you know how the Hugo award authors are nominated, the Campbell Award for Best New Writer works the same way. Details here, for those interested.

For people who want to know where to start with my fiction to get a feel for what I write, my first Feyland novel is FREE (as an ebook) at all online retailers. I have a free novella available here on this website, too.

But I don’t just write YA gaming/faerie mashups. I have two collections of short stories out that give a broader sense of my work – Stars & Steam, which I call Victorian Spacepunk (yes, you may have noticed that my genre lines are blurred and complicated), and Tales of Feyland & Faerie, which is a collection of shorter fantasy works. I’m also published in a number of Fiction River volumes with various themes, so if you enjoy short stories, pick those up, too. Happy reading!

stars and steam     unnamed    AntheaLawson_Feyland_large


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