Faery Worlds still just .99 cents~

Fairy Worlds Boxed Set Art






FAERY WORLDS ~ NUMBER ONE FANTASY ANTHOLOGY on Amazon for over two months!

Due to popular demand, this fabulous multi-author e-book collection featuring six fan-favorite YA Faery themed books by bestselling, award-winning authors is still a steal – discounted to a mere .99 cents.

Elle CaseyJL BryanTara MayaJenna Elizabeth Johnson, and Alexia Purdy are all wonderful storytellers, each with their own fabulous take on the world of the fae. From an ancient world to the near-distant future, the halls of high school to enchanted forests, you’ll find magic and adventure aplenty – not to mention magic-imbued electric guitars, and a touch of romance. I’m excited to be in their company, and know you’ll find some new favorite authors in this collection!

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USA Today bestselling author of romance and fantasy
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