Women in Fantasy StoryBundle~

Ten fantastic books. Name your price. But like all faerie bargains, this one has a secret…

You only have until February 24th to grab this bundle, and then it’s gone! Vanished like magic gold coins crumbling into dry leaves. So don’t wait-head to StoryBundle now for your chance to pay what you want for these ten titles, including work from Kristine Kathryn Rusch, Judith Tarr, P.N. Elrod, Leah Cutter, Leslie Walker, Robin Brande, Laura Anne Gilman, Katharine Eliska Kimbriel, and a wonderful anthology edited by Kerrie Lynn Hughes!

Women in Fantasy ad 2016

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Get Starbound!


Her stories… her stars. A fabulous collection of short stories with great female characters (most of them lead-ins to series, so a great way to discover some new reading material!) You’ll also find dragons, smugglers, vampires, aliens, a street-ruffian mathematical genius, a princess desperate to save Earth, and more. It’s amazing what’s out there traveling the stars.

PASSAGE OUT (Anthea Sharp): Street rat Diana Smythe has long since given up her hopes of escaping Earth, but that doesn’t mean she can’t watch the ships fly in and out of the spaceport and dream…

BLOOD TIES (Christine Pope): On the outlaw world of Iradia, Miala Fels and her computer-hacker father discover that taking the wrong commission can have unexpected consequences.

RAISING A DRAGON (Sara Reine): Nobody knows that retired war hero Aja Skytoucher took an alien from an enemy’s nest. Hiding on a farm planet with the dragonet, she finds that the hardest part of committing treason may not be the treason itself, but going home again.

EXILE (Nathan Lowell): When her graduation party goes awry, Natalya Regyri finds herself on the run from the most powerful police force in the galaxy.

ARCTURUS 5 (Debra Dunbar): Xella went to Arcturus 5 to mediate a simple trade dispute between the Mol and the Dark, but now she’s not sure she’ll get out alive.

A TALE OF TWO SHIPS, A KarmaCorp Story (Audrey Faye): Two ships crash into an unimportant digger rock. The first carries a newborn baby. The second will rewrite her destiny.

CARL SAGAN’S HUNT FOR INTELLIGENT LIFE IN THE UNIVERSE (C. Gockel): Sometimes intelligent life is right in front of your whiskers.

BLUE LIGHT (Phaedra M. Weldon): You gotta run… before you burn.

TREASON’S COURSE (LJ Cohen): When a soldier is given a covert assignment, she must decide if treason lies in carrying out her orders or disobeying them.

SILENT WITNESS (Colleen Vanderlinden): Aria is about to become the next ruler of a society that is sworn to Witness and record the lives and histories of all beings, but when the planet that has fascinated her since childhood is threatened with annihilation, she must decide between fulfilling her duty or creating her own destiny.

THE FINAL SUNRISE (Shawntelle Madison): A lonely vampire, with no memories of her past, must face looters who have infiltrated her powerful spaceship.

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Victorian Spacepunk~

stars and steam

Steampunk with an intergalactic twist! Enter a fantastical world filled with alien spacecraft and Victorian sensibilities, formal balls and travel to the stars.

What if aliens had landed on the Buckingham Palace lawns in 1850 and presented Queen Victoria with a world-changing offer? What if the British Empire, ruled by an unchanging queen, spread out to the stars for centuries?
Explore this alternate world from USA Today bestselling author Anthea Sharp in five tales filled with ball gowns and nano-tech, steam power and aliens, and the timeless nature of the human heart.

Stars & Steam is a collection of five short stories (approx 120 pages) set in the Victoria Eternal universe.

Currently available at Amazon~ amazon 51

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Uncollected Anthology!

UA cover template elf
When my writer friends asked me to be a guest author for the February issue of the Uncollected Anthology, I was delighted to say yes. Every three months, they pick a theme and write a short story for that theme. But instead of bundling the stories together, they each sell their own stories. No muss, no fuss—you can buy one story, or you can buy them all.

This month, the theme is Happily Ever Afters, and I have an Urban Fantasy novella introducing a brand new heroine. Grab your copy of Guinevere’s Guest, and enjoy!

Guinevere Gaunt (Gwen to her friends) is one of the last humans to carry the blood of the old bards. Half-trained and barely making a living playing the Celtic harp, she can’t afford to turn down her latest wedding gig, even though it means returning to the Fae Realm. It doesn’t hurt that the hot elf lord offering her the job also promises to be her personal guard. Unfortunately for both of them, old enemies lurk in the shadows, and the upcoming fae wedding is the perfect place to set a trap…

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Two New Anthologies!

Now out, not one, but two different anthologies featuring my short stories!

FR16-Hidden-in-Crime-ebook-cover-lighter-web1The first, Fiction River: Hidden in Crime, includes The Harper’s Escape, a moody tale of a bard in Ireland who is the victim of persecution. More a moody historical story with a touch of the mystic – no faeries in this one~

Available in ebook and print from all retailers:

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crucibleI’m especially delighted to have a story in Mercedes Lackey’s newest Valdemar anthology! As a long-time fan, it’s a thrill to share the pages with one of my favorite authors. The Quiet Gift is a Collegium-set tale of a young woman with Bardic Talent who must learn to accept the true power of her musical ability.

Available in both ebook and print from all retailers~

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Enjoy these collections, and happy reading!

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New Release! Short Story Collection


I’m excited to announce the release of Tales of Feyland and Faerie!

This collection (around 260 pages) includes eight tales of Faerie magic and adventure, spanning the centuries from Ancient Ireland to a near-distant future. You’ll find old favorites, plus a brand-new, never-before released tale, Breaking the Brownie Code. There’s also a Feyland snippet – Brea’s Tale: Arrival – that’s also a fairly recent story.


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Can music overcome fey magic? When the chieftain’s infant son is stolen away by the fey folk of the Bright Court, Maeve Donnelly journeys beneath the faerie hill to save the child. Her only weapon is a simple pennywhistle, and the music running in her bard-gifted blood.

Accused as witch, Eileen must flee for her life, leaving her village and true love behind. With her pursuers closing in, she chances across a strange black horse – but does she dare to pay the price of escape?

* BREAKING THE BROWNIE CODE* (Brand new short story!)
A new, exclusive story! Feeyah MacGuire is not very good at being a Brownie—but when she breaks the sacred code of their kind she faces banishment… or worse.

Jeremy Cahill’s gifted cello playing calls the creatures of Faerie to him. As a boy, his Irish grandmother crafts him a charm to keep the fair folk at bay—but when it finally fails, Jeremy must face the terrifying power of Faerie…alone.

Jennet Carter never thought hacking into her dad’s new epic-fantasy sim-game would be so exciting… or dangerous. Behind the interface, dark forces lie in wait, leading her toward a battle that will test her to her limits and cost her more than she ever imagined.

When a mortal boy is exchanged for a hideous faerie creature, Marny Fanalua steps up to help her friends in their battle against the Dark Court. *NOTE * The events in this novella occur simultaneously with Feyland: The Twilight Kingdom. Reading the complete Feyland Trilogy first is recommended if you would like to avoid spoilers.

Violet Yamaguchi can’t wait to play the immersive new computer game, Feyland–but she doesn’t suspect the game wants something in return…

When a faerie girl is sent on a mission to the mortal world, she must learn to navigate the intricacies of life among humans – but will she survive undetected? *NOTE* This story falls in between Spark and Royal in the Feyguard books, but it can be read as a stand-alone without spoiling anything.

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MARNY is here!

marny_promoI’m thrilled to announce that MARNY: Feyguard Book 3 is now available at all ebook retailers! (Print book is in the works, and will be out in a few weeks.)

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The USA Today bestselling Feyland series continues with the Feyguard – where high-tech computer gaming meets the treacherous Realm of Faerie ~

Headed to the big city for a summer internship, Marny Fanalua is glad to leave her hometown and its creepy connection with the Realm of Faerie behind. Drastic heroics in Feyland are what her friends do – she’s just trying to figure out where she fits in the real world.

Livestream gaming star and entrepreneur Nyx Spenser isn’t sure why he’s able to create incredibly realistic simulations straight out of the game of Feyland, but he plans to share his crazy new talent by opening an all-ages hangout called Club Mysteria.

As the boundaries between the human world and the dangerous Realm of Faerie weaken, Marny and Nyx must forge an alliance to repair the damage he’s done – before it’s too late.

Here’s a great *5 star review* from Pure Jonel!

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