New Release! Short Story Collection


I’m excited to announce the release of Tales of Feyland and Faerie!

This collection (around 260 pages) includes eight tales of Faerie magic and adventure, spanning the centuries from Ancient Ireland to a near-distant future. You’ll find old favorites, plus a brand-new, never-before released tale, Breaking the Brownie Code. There’s also a Feyland snippet – Brea’s Tale: Arrival – that’s also a fairly recent story.

From now until next weekend (11/28) this entire collection is only .99 cents as a thank-you to my readers! Scoop up a pre-order copy from your favorite retailer~

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Can music overcome fey magic? When the chieftain’s infant son is stolen away by the fey folk of the Bright Court, Maeve Donnelly journeys beneath the faerie hill to save the child. Her only weapon is a simple pennywhistle, and the music running in her bard-gifted blood.

Accused as witch, Eileen must flee for her life, leaving her village and true love behind. With her pursuers closing in, she chances across a strange black horse – but does she dare to pay the price of escape?

* BREAKING THE BROWNIE CODE* (Brand new short story!)
A new, exclusive story! Feeyah MacGuire is not very good at being a Brownie—but when she breaks the sacred code of their kind she faces banishment… or worse.

Jeremy Cahill’s gifted cello playing calls the creatures of Faerie to him. As a boy, his Irish grandmother crafts him a charm to keep the fair folk at bay—but when it finally fails, Jeremy must face the terrifying power of Faerie…alone.

Jennet Carter never thought hacking into her dad’s new epic-fantasy sim-game would be so exciting… or dangerous. Behind the interface, dark forces lie in wait, leading her toward a battle that will test her to her limits and cost her more than she ever imagined.

When a mortal boy is exchanged for a hideous faerie creature, Marny Fanalua steps up to help her friends in their battle against the Dark Court. *NOTE * The events in this novella occur simultaneously with Feyland: The Twilight Kingdom. Reading the complete Feyland Trilogy first is recommended if you would like to avoid spoilers.

Violet Yamaguchi can’t wait to play the immersive new computer game, Feyland–but she doesn’t suspect the game wants something in return…

When a faerie girl is sent on a mission to the mortal world, she must learn to navigate the intricacies of life among humans – but will she survive undetected? *NOTE* This story falls in between Spark and Royal in the Feyguard books, but it can be read as a stand-alone without spoiling anything.

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MARNY is here!

marny_promoI’m thrilled to announce that MARNY: Feyguard Book 3 is now available at all ebook retailers! (Print book is in the works, and will be out in a few weeks.)

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The USA Today bestselling Feyland series continues with the Feyguard – where high-tech computer gaming meets the treacherous Realm of Faerie ~

Headed to the big city for a summer internship, Marny Fanalua is glad to leave her hometown and its creepy connection with the Realm of Faerie behind. Drastic heroics in Feyland are what her friends do – she’s just trying to figure out where she fits in the real world.

Livestream gaming star and entrepreneur Nyx Spenser isn’t sure why he’s able to create incredibly realistic simulations straight out of the game of Feyland, but he plans to share his crazy new talent by opening an all-ages hangout called Club Mysteria.

As the boundaries between the human world and the dangerous Realm of Faerie weaken, Marny and Nyx must forge an alliance to repair the damage he’s done – before it’s too late.

Here’s a great *5 star review* from Pure Jonel!

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Timberland Writes Anthology


Exciting news! I’m part of the brand new Timberland Writes Together Anthology! This is the 11th annual Timberland Reads Together selection (TRT) and it features an anthology of short fiction by fifteen southwest Washington writers and one artist.

Spend an evening with “Timberland Writes Together” anthology authors. Meet the authors as they share their perspectives on writing, discuss the story they submitted for the anthology and answer questions from the audience. This event is part of Timberland Reads Together – a one book, one community reading program.

Check out my EVENTS page for more appearances! You can also pick up a copy of this anthology in ebook from Amazon for only .99 cents – or in print for $7.99.

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**Come to the kickoff event from 6pm to 8 pm on Thursday October 8th, at the Washington Center Black Box Theater:  512 Washington St. SE,  Olympia, WA 98501.
Ticket Phone: (360) 753-8586
Event Info: (360) 352-0595

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NEW Nightshade Anthology

nightshadeI have a brand new FEYLAND short story in this fabulous anthology! Brea’s Tale: Arrival takes place right before Royal, and gives a glimpse into how this faerie girl came to the mortal world and found her bearings.

**Only $2.99 at all online retailers**

In addition, you’ll find 16 more original stories by some of today’s bestselling urban fantasy authors. Magic, mayhem, demons, romance, fae, witches, ghosts and more! Only .99 cents for a limited time – a cozy Halloween read for the colder, darker days. Grab your copy today!


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The Agency – Donna Augustine: Before Karma joins the agency, she’s just another assignment handed to Fate from the Universe. But she’s destined to become more than that.

De Facto – Annie Bellet:
Verity Li’s just a bureaucratic cog, going through the motions until she interrupts a kidnapping next door, and now all the problems are hers.

Venom – Sarra Cannon:
On the run from a coven of witches determined to capture and enslave him, Rend must overcome the limitations of the human world and embrace his true demon power. But will he survive?

Honeysuckle Memory Selene Charles:
Scarlett Smith’s on a mission to track down the man who sentenced her to an eternity of purgatory, but first she needs to pass the mental health assessment board of the paranormal investigative department.

Spirits of Bourbon StreetDeanna Chase: It’s Halloween and time to party, but when a spirit traps everyone in the past, white witch Jade Calhoun’s forced to forgo the cocktails in order to save those she loves.

The Ghost & Mrs. MacKay – Kate Danley:
It’s Halloween and Maggie’s mother has invited all the ghosts of the neighborhood over for a party. Unfortunately, one of the ghosts is wanted by the Other Side’s finest. It’s up to Maggie and Killian to find out what caused this soul’s unrest and return him to his happy haunting ground.

Full Moon Mischief – Debra Dunbar:
Getting summoned on Halloween isn’t any demon’s idea of fun especially when yanked from a rocking party into a coat closet. But rules are rules and Imp Sam must find a way to get rid of a gold-digger hussy then hope the pint-sized mage sends her back before the party’s over.

Dog Days of Summer – Hailey Edwards:
When a fae boy goes missing, Thierry is called to lead the hunt for the rogue. But the closer she gets to locating the boy, the further she gets from the truth.

Victoria Gardella: Vampire Slayer – Colleen Gleason:
Balls, beaux, dance cards….and stakes? Lady Victoria Gardella must juggle her responsibility as a debutante in 19th century London Society while fulfilling her family legacy as a vampire hunter.

Atomic – C. Gockel:
Sigyn is prophesied to be the consort of a king. Instead she marries a fool. Centuries after his chaos destroys their marriage, the fallout begins .

Highland Magic – Helen Harper:
The Veil has kept the Highlands of Scotland free from demons for centuries, and ensured relative peace for the Sidhe Clans. However, a strange encounter on a dark, heather-strewn hillside might mean all that is about to change.

Contents May Have ShiftedShawntelle Madison:
Return to the Coveted universe in this tale featuring werewolf Natalya Stravinsky. Two werewolf shopkeepers in a mystical flea market encounter deadly merchandise that has no intention of being sold.

IllusionsChristine Pope:
Warlock Damon Wilcox is plotting to kidnap the most powerful witch in a rival clan. But Damon’s brother Connor has plans of his own.

Dying NightSM Reine:
Hell’s trying to squeeze its way onto Earth via the Grand Canyon. Elise and James, a demon hunting team, haven’t spoken about that thing that happened in Copenhagen for six months. With all the pressure boiling under the surface, something’s sure to blow.

Brea’s Tale: ArrivalAnthea Sharp:
When a faerie girl is sent on a mission to the mortal world, she must learn to navigate the intricacies of life among humans – but will she survive undetected?

Angels and DemonsColleen Vanderlinden:
A mysterious woman haunts the streets of Detroit, dishing up her own version of vigilante justice. If the stories about her are true, she could end up being the city’s biggest nightmare.

Dragon’s FuryPhaedra Weldon:
A tragic part of Crwys Holliard’s past is revealed when his lover becomes a target in a serial killer’s vendetta against women who have crossed Crwys’s path. Unfortunately, this also makes Crwys the prime suspect in their deaths.

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Advance Reader Copies for Marny!

Advance Reader Copies for FEYGUARD BOOK 3: MARNY

As you likely know, Marny is coming out around the end of September! If you’re an eager reader, and want a copy to devour before Marny officially comes out, you might want to apply to become a VIP ARC Reader!

If you’ve reviewed one of my books before and are interested in an ARC of Marny, please fill out this form to get a copy to review before the book is published! You’ll be an official member of my  VIP Review Team.

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New Free Book Bundle!

*FREE* Future Tense: Twelve First-In-Series Young Adult SciFi Novels

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future tense

From twelve USA Today, Amazon and award-winning authors comes Future Tense, an electrifying YA sci-fi boxed set.

Inventive first-in-series novels featuring modified humans, sexy alien romance, Martian pioneers, cyborg gunslingers, unusual dolphin research, time travel, computer games with doors into faerie realms, mind readers, eternal life adventures, extraordinarily gifted teens & more. Available for FREE a limited time.

Pick up your FREE copy of this exciting, adventure-packed sci-fi book bundle TODAY!

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How to Babysit a Changeling

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