Faery Realms~

Faery Realms Final 3DIt’s here! Another fantastic multi-author bundle of fae-themed novels & novellas, now on sale for a low introductory price of just .99 cents. Find Faery Worlds at the following retailers:

AMAZON        B&N        KOBO        SMASHWORDS        GOOGLE PLAY

Enter the magical realms of Faery with these ten award-winning, bestselling fantasy authors. Each title in this sampler collection offers a new and different world full of mystery, love, and most of all, fae enchantment~ Over 1400 pages of stories, with *exclusive* titles from Alexia Purdy, Tara Maya, and Anthea Sharp! Together, these books have over 250 5-star reviews on Amazon and 150 5-star reviews on B&N.  

Best for ages 13 and up~


Kickbutt faerie Violet is about to graduate as the top guardian trainee of her class, but when an assignment goes wrong and the human boy she’s meant to be protecting follows her back into the fae realm, a dangerous plot is set in motion. (298 pages)

THE WITHERING PALACE (A Dark Faerie Tale 0.1)ALEXIA PURDY *Exclusive Content*

Untold darkness rules the Unseelie realm of the Land of Faerie. Hidden in this vast area, Aveta, the future queen of the Unseelie Army, perfects her gifts over lifetimes. Learning that magic isn’t the only way to manipulate the world around her, this naive girl grows into a woman of strength and cunning, ultimately becoming one of the most feared leaders in Faerie. (75 pages)


Rylie’s life is turned upside down when a stranger knocks on the door, claiming to be her real mother. Soon she will have to face the terrifying fact that not only is she a faery, but one that has been promised to the dark prince. (240 pages)


High-tech gaming and ancient magic collide when a computer game opens a gateway to the treacherous Realm of Faerie. Jennet Carter never thought hacking into her dad’s new epic-fantasy sim-game would be so exciting… or dangerous. But behind the interface, dark forces lie in wait, leading her toward a battle that will test her to her limits and cost her more than she ever imagined. (65 pages)


Unjustly sentenced to death, Eilidh ran—away from faerie lands to the streets of Perth, Scotland. When she discovers a human murdered by one of her own kind, she must choose: flee, or learn to tap into the forbidden magic that cost her everything. (264 pages)

HOOD & FAE (Daughters of Red Riding Hood)TARA MAYA *Exclusive Content*

Roxy Hood is just trying to make ends meet to pay her mom’s medical bills. Sure, Roxy takes on some jobs of, ahem, dubious integrity, like pretending that she can speak to the dead. But hey, that’s harmless. It’s not like a malignant ghoul is going to attack her. Or a sexy billionaire will show up trying to buy her red jacket. Or a werewolf will attack Granny Rose. Because that would be whacked. (100 pages)

THE DARK FAE TERRY SPEAR  USA Today Bestselling Author

Alicia can recognize the mischievous fae when they show up to “play” with the humans. Only now she’s faced with one highly annoyed dark fae and she’s certain he knows the truth about her. She can see him, which means her life is forfeit. (184 pages)


Cade MacRoich is Ehríad, an outcast of Eile. While hunting Otherworldly monsters in the mortal world, he discovers Meghan, a young woman whose magic seems very familiar … Three scenes from Faelorehn – Book One of the Otherworld Trilogy, told from Cade’s perspective. (84 pages)


Harmony’s life will never be the same… Every day is just as normal, and just as boring, as the one before it… And then the Carnival comes to town. Suddenly, Harmony’s small town world is overtaken by the handsome Kieran and she discovers that not all fairy tales are pretend. (140 pages)

FAE HORSE: A Faery Tale – ANTHEA SHARP *Exclusive content*

Accused as witch, Eileen must flee for her life, leaving her village and true love behind. With her pursuers closing in, she chances across a strange black horse who offers her only hope of escape. Eileen mounts it—only to discover that the cost of her ride may be more than any mortal could bear. (20 pages)

 Happy Reading!

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Cover Poll for Royal~

Hey readers, I need your help! I’m going back and forth between two different representations of Royal, the hero of my upcoming book. As you know, Roy’s had his arrogant moments, and has had a long journey toward growing up and redeeming himself – which he hopefully does in this next installment of the Feyguard! So here’s the two options. Please let me know (either in the comments here or via the contact form) which version you prefer – version 1 looking up, or version 2 face forward.  Thanks!


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New short story ~ Beneath the Knowe ~

Beneath Knowe cover two2I’m excited to announce the publication of a new short story! Beneath the Knowe is a faerie tale featuring an ancient Celtic setting, music, and the ageless denizens of the Bright Court. Expect to encounter some creatures familiar from the Feyland books in this 30 page story.

Can music overcome fey magic?

When the chieftain’s infant son is stolen away by the fey folk of the Bright Court, Maeve Donelly journeys beneath the faerie hill to save the child. Her only weapon is a simple pennywhistle, and the music running in her bard-gifted blood…

Beneath the Knowe is a short story of 7,000 words (approx. 30 pages), originally published in the NW Independent Writers Association Anthology Thirteen.

Snag your copy today – $0.99 at     AMAZON     B&N      KOBO      SMASHWORDS

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Hex in the City Anthology

FR-Hex-in-the-City-ebook-coverI have a story in a fantastic Urban Fantasy anthology out now from WMG Publishing – Fiction River: Hex in the City. And until January 16th, my story, Music’s Price, is the featured podcast at WMG publishing! Jane Kennedy did an awesome job with the narration – so head on over and give it a listen HERE.

Hex in the City is available in both digital and paperback formats from all online retailers. It includes stories from top authors Seanan McGuire, Nancy Holder and Jeanne C. Stein. I’m thrilled to be in their company!

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spark_promoI’m thrilled to announce that SPARK, the newest book in the world of Feyland, is published and on sale!

And as a thank-you to my readers, the e-book will be available for the first week for only .99 cents! The price steps up to 2.99 on December 21, and then on January 5th will go up to its regular list price of $4.99.

Grab a copy from    AMAZON     AMAZON UK     B&N     KOBO     SMASHWORDS  (And coming eventually from Apple)

SPARK is also available in print. Buy a print version at Amazon, and get the e-book FREE through Amazon’s Matchbook program. (Print version will by live by Dec. 16th)

What if a high-tech computer game was a gateway to the treacherous Realm of Faerie? 

Superstar gamer Spark Jaxley’s life might look easy, but she’s part of an elite few who guard a shocking secret; the Realm of Faerie exists, and its dark magic is desperate for a foothold in the mortal world.

Aran Cole hacks code and sells his gaming cheats on the black market. It’s barely a living, and one he’s not proud of. But when he turns his skills to unlocking the secrets behind Feyland–the most exciting and immersive game on the market–he discovers power and magic beyond his wildest dreams.

Spark’s mission is clear; pull Aran from the clutches of the fey folk and restore the balance between the worlds. But can she risk her life for someone who refuses to be rescued?

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Win Books!

Feyland short cover2AntheaSharp_Feyland_300pxFeyland The Bright Court frontHRAntheaLawson_Feyland_TheTwilightKingdomTo celebrate the imminent release of SPARK, I’ll be giving away *print copies* of my complete Feyland trilogy – plus a special limited edition print version of The First Adventure.

Want to win? I’ll be drawing a lucky name from my mailing list subscribers on December 15th, and then sending YOU personally autographed copies!

Sign up HERE to join my new release newsletter (I never spam) and a chance to win!


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News ~

spark_promoLast day to enter to win a free print copy of SPARK at Goodreads!

I’m hard at work on edits, but not sure I’ll hit the release date of November 30th. For sure the book will be out by mid-December though! Make sure you join my mailing list for notification the instant the book goes on sale ~

And a big THANK YOU to all my Wattpad readers for making me a Most Followed Star at Wattpad!

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